Gracious Eloise enables businesses to send personalized handwritten communications. It's simple, scalable, cost efficient and trackable.



Our user-friendly app makes it efficient and easy for sales professionals to type handwritten notes. Keep in touch with your customers via small group or individual mailings.
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Our marketing solution provides businesses with an excellent direct mail tool that leverages the power of handwritten notes and envelopes to connect with a large audience.
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Integrate Gracious API into your existing systems. It's the ideal tool for any business that wants to leverage our patented handwriting replication technology. 
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Connect with your customers. 
Handwritten envelopes are opened 99% of the time.


Don't get lost in your customers' inbox. Stand out from the competition by sending a handwritten note to their mailbox. Unlike a font, our technology replicates the unique characteristics of any handwriting. Once your digital handwriting and personalized stationery are loaded onto our web app, you can start typing handwritten notes right away. Take ten minutes to complete our handwriting sample form and you can ditch the pen forever! 



As easy as email but much more effective.
You type it, we print it, we mail it.


Gracious Eloise's digital handwriting technology makes sending personalized notes simple, whether you want to reach a few customers or a mass audience. Our fulfillment method allows us to print on-demand in a scalable fashion. You write it and we'll take care of the rest.


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